GRONEN Workshops: Tokyo 2019

GRONEN Workshops: Tokyo 2019

Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment

Hosted by

Waseda University Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management


Waseda Innovation Laboratory

Supported by Waseda University Research Council

A report by Virginie Francoeur with the collaboration of participating students and professors.



Today, as environmental sustainability becomes a more and more important component of business strategy, the question of how, rather than whether, to improve environmental performance is more salient than ever. However, business actions to reduce the environmental impact of business activities are typically taken voluntarily. Accordingly, improved understanding of the decision processes of firms and the cognitive and social processes of various stakeholders with respect to environmental issues constitutes a vital dimension of effective business management and strategy. This one-day research symposium focuses on studies adopting a behavioral foundation to develop insights relevant to addressing important research questions in environmental management.

Countries represented by doctoral students


Please read the complete report HERE

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