GRONEN conferences offer a unique opportunity to develop personal networks with scholars researching on the natural environment, organization and management. GRONEN conferences have built a reputation for encouraging a supportive and critical environment to develop our research. GRONEN conferences provide a unique combination of research rigor, relevance, flexibility, collegiality, and fun.

Our conferences provide an intimate environment to promote academic interactions in a very friendly environment

The objectives of GRONEN conferences are to generate relevant and strong research and to encourage innovative thinking to develop transformative paths towards a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. We therefore systematically promote personal interactions between international scholars to develop impact through a network of engaged scholars.

GRONEN Conferences are held every two years. Previous conferences have taken place in European locations helping to complement the Academy of Management ONE Divisions’ sessions in North America.

The GRONEN conferences usually attract some of the most well-known scholars in the field of organizations and the natural environment. However, at the same time, the conference is intentionally run at a small scale to guarantee strong interactions and a friendly community.

Upcoming GRONEN Conference:

Previous GRONEN Conferences:

  • 2022 GRONEN Conference, Amsterdam Business School (Netherlands), 31 May – 2 June, 2022. Organizers: Panikos Georgallis, Arno Kourula, Siri Boe-Lillegraven, Ans Kolk, Willemijn van Dolen, Pushpika Vishwanathan. 
  • 2020 GRONEN Conference, The Smart City Innovation Lab, CATOLICA-LISBON (Lisbon), 17-19 June, 2020. Organizers: René Bohnsack, Christina Bidmon, Alina Margolina, Cláudia Antunes Marante (The Smart City Innovation Lab,CATOLICA-LISBON, Lisbon).
  • 2018 GRONEN Conference, University of Almería (Spain), 13-15 June, 2018. Organizers:  José Céspedes Lorente (Conference Chair), José Antonio Plaza Úbeda, Javier Martínez del Río, Raquel Antolín López and Miguel Pérez Valls (University of Almería).
  • 2016 GRONEN Conference, University of Hamburg (Germany), 25-27 May, 2016. Organizers: Timo Busch (University of Hamburg), Jens Hamprecht (ETH Zurich), and André Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • 2014 GRONEN Conference, Aalto School of Economics (Helsinki, Finland), 16-18 June, 2014. Organizers: Minna Halme (Aalto School of Business), Raimo Lovio (Aalto School of Business) and Frank-Martin Belz (TUM School of Management, Munich).
  • 2012 GRONEN Conference, Euromed Business School (Marseille, France). Organizers: Tobias Hahn, Frank Figge and Catherine Delon (Euromed Management Marseille)
  • 2010 GRONEN Conference, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan (Italy). Organizers: Stefano Pogutz (Universitá Bocconi), Antonio Tencati (Universitá Bocconi), and Francesco Perrini (Universitá Bocconi).
  • 2008 GRONEN Conference, Department of Public and Business Administration, University of Cyprus (Cyprus). Organizers: George Kassinis (University of Cyprus) and Andreas Soteriou (University of Cyprus).
  • 2006 GRONEN Conference, Institute for Economy and the Environment, University of Saint Gallen (Switzerland). Organizers: Rolf Wüstenhagen (University of St. Gallen), Jost Hamschmidt (University of St. Gallen), and Josef Kaenzig (University of St. Gallen).
  • 2004 GRONEN Conference, ISDE Research Group, University of Granada (Spain). Organizers: J. Alberto Aragón-Correa (University of Granada), Nuria Hurtado-Torres (University of Granada) and Inmaculada Martín-Tapia (University of Granada).

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