GRONEN has actively offered publishing opportunities for the research outputs of its members and the broader community of sustainability scholars. For more information on publication options within GRONEN please contact the editors of the Cambridge-GRONEN book series, the Edward Elgar-GRONEN book series, and the Organization & Environment journal.

Organization & Environment Journal

In 2012 GRONEN developed a partnership with the journal Organization & Environment (O&E), recognized as a leading international journal unique in its emphasis on the connection between the management of organizations and environment. O&E publishes quarterly peer-reviewed research that sets new and relevant standards for rigorous thinking about sustainability – including an appropriate balance between and among social, natural and economic challenges.

GRONEN – Cambridge University Press Book Series

Since 2014, GRONEN is also collaborating with Cambridge University Press to publish a book series on “Organizations and the Natural Environment”  Edited by Jorge E. Rivera and Alberto Aragon-Correa this book series publish cutting-edge research in three general areas: business environmental management, business sustainability and business implications of environmental policy. The purpose of the series is to build bridges between scholarly work and practice by stressing the managerial and policy-making implications of research.

Handbooks and edited books. GRONEN – Edward Elgar Book Collection

GRONEN has also recently initiated a collaboration with Edward Elgar to publish a flexible book series titled “Management and Sustainability”. This book series will publish interesting collections of top papers around topics of special interest and handbooks of research.

The first GRONEN publications were edited books with top international publishers including a selection of the best papers from the GRONEN international conferences in 2010, 2006, and 2004. In addition we associated the GRONEN 2012 Conference with a special issue of Business and Society (still in process).

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