GRONEN Teaching Sustainability 

The GRONEN Teaching Sustainability Team mission is to support the GRONEN network in the transformation of the educational context to address societal grand challenges. Our aim is to share new ways of seeing and doing sustainability that better adapt to our students and the current times. In addition, the GRONEN Teaching Sustainability Team aims to lend teaching support and exchange of new teaching methods, resources, best practices and experiences among the GRONEN network. The GRONEN Teaching Sustainability Team will held events and activities such as:

– Professional development workshops at the GRONEN Conference

– Professional development workshops onsite and online

– Sharing teaching resources

GRONEN Activities 

We offer workshops to adopt new ways of teaching sustainability that better adapt to our students and the current times.

Revitalize your Teaching on Sustainability – Best Practices and Novel Approaches

13 October 2023

The multi-faceted challenges the global community currently faces require a deep reflection on the way we teach sustainability and on our role as teachers. The climate crisis, energy security, and food accessibility have all become intertwined and lead to competing priorities in business and society. For teachers at business schools and technical universities, this raises important questions: Do the management models and decision-making heuristics we teach still fit this reality? How can we design new sustainability-related syllabi and refresh our teaching approaches? The aim of this workshop is to bring together experienced teachers as well as those starting to teach to generate a debate on revitalizing sustainability teaching. The format is interactive, including panel and roundtable sessions which provide a platform to discuss current topics and reflect on their own teaching approach.