GRONEN Workshop ‘Revitalize your Teaching on Sustainability – Best Practices and Novel Approaches’


On Oct 13, 2023, the GRONEN Workshop ‘Revitalize your Teaching on Sustainability – Best Practices and Novel Approaches’ took place at the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg. Please see below the program and some impressions of the day.

GRONEN Workshop ‘Revitalize your Teaching on Sustainability – Best Practices and Novel Approaches’, 13 October 2023, Hamburg – Kühne Logistics University

The multi-faceted challenges the global community currently faces require a deep reflection on the way we teach sustainability and on our role as teachers. The climate crisis, energy security, and food accessibility have all become intertwined and lead to competing priorities in business and society. For teachers at business schools and technical universities, this raises important questions: Do the management models and decision-making heuristics we teach still fit this reality? How can we design new sustainability-related syllabi and refresh our teaching approaches?



8.30-9.00  Registration

Opening: Welcome in Hamburg and at KLU by the organizers – Johannes Meuer (Local Host & GRONEN President), Christina Bidmon (GRONEN Workshop Team), Ambra Galeazzo & Javier Delgado Ceballos (GRONEN Teaching Team)

9.15-9.45 Get-to-know-each-other

Panel session ‘Rethinking Sustainability Teaching: New tools and Methods for engaging students.’ – Valentina De Marchi (ESADE, Spain), Sara Soderstrom (University of Michigan, USA) & Gorgi Krlev (ESCP Business School, France) – facilitated by Moritz Petersen (KLU, Germany)

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

Parallel Sessions: Showcasing and discussing approaches to teaching sustainability

            • Teaching with causal loop diagrams – Steve Kennedy (Erasmus University, Netherlands)
            • Change management for sustainability strategies – Frank De Bakker (IESEG, France)
            • Game-based and Reflective Practice-based Learning – The Doing Good Business Game and Diamond – Jan Kyhnau and Charlotte Bruun (University College of Northern Denmark)
            • Role-playing scenarios on dealing with tensions and trade-offs in sustainability – Johannes Meuer (KLU, Germany)
12.45-13.45    Lunch

Interactive Session on ‘Teaching Entrepreneurship and Sustainability’. Jonatan Pinkse (University of Manchester, UK) & Dante Leyva-de-la-Hiz (Cunef, Spain)

15.00-15.15 Coffee break

Panel session ‘Reinvigorating your Sustainability Program’. Johannes Meuer (Kühne Logistics University), Tobias Hahn (ESADE, Spain), & Aoife Brophy (University of Oxford, UK) – facilitated by Ambra Galeazzo (University of Padua, Italy)


Workshop closing & Reflections – facilitated by Katrin Heucher (University of Groningen, Netherlands) and Christina Bidmon (Utrecht University, Netherlands)




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