Welcome to the official website of the Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) community.

Our members focus on high quality and relevant research regarding organizations and the natural environment. We are a network of international scholars who feel passionate about better understanding the links between management and sustainability. GRONEN aims to contribute to societal progress in a world of rapid, complex and non-linear environmental change.

GRONEN is an international network of engaged scholars researching various dimensions of management and the natural environment.

Our mission

GRONEN is an open network of engaged scholars focused on high quality research regarding organizations and the natural environment. GRONEN aims to contribute to societal progress in a non-linear changing world.

Our main goals are:

  1. To generate relevant research with highest levels of research rigor
  2. To encourage innovative thinking in order to develop transformative ways of protecting the Earth.
  3. To promote personal and friendly interactions between people analyzing the relationships between the natural environment and organizations.
  4. To learn from geographical, methodological, and paradigmatic diversity.
  5. To develop impact through a network of engaged scholars.

What is GRONEN’s history?

In 2003, GRONEN was inspired at the Seattle Academy of Management Conference, when a group of scholars discussed how we might promote more opportunities for interaction among international scholars working on sustainability issues. After ten years, four conferences, informal engagements, and networking, the GRONEN association was formalized in Zurich, Switzerland with the ambitious goal to launch a suite of more diverse and ambitious initiatives. Since then, GRONEN has continued to host academic conferences, primarily held in Europe.

Open to scholars of all nationalities, these conferences have cultivated a network of scholars focused on high-quality research examining the intersection of organizations and the natural environment. Additionally, researchers from more than 100 universities and institutions have engaged with the GRONEN’s conferences and broader initiatives, including the PhD consortium, workshops, reading groups, and early career initiatives.

The network has created critical academic and personal connections between diverse international scholars and has particularly contributed to a better mutual understanding between North American and European scholars in this field.