We want to make the GRONEN conference not only a place where interesting and relevant papers are presented, but also an event where conference participants meet, learn and discuss about how to progress the O&NE field. Therefore, we have introduced some novelties to maximize the interest of the sessions.


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Plenary sessions

GRONEN conference has a tradition for high quality and original plenary sessions that bring novel approaches to the field. To honor that tradition, we are very excited to announce two thematic plenary sessions:

  • Theorizing and measuring the real impact of organizations on ecological systems. A worthwhile and necessary way to extend O&NE research?.
    The goal of this panel is to identify novel theoretical approaches and alternative dependent variables that can better address the long- and short-term effects of business activity on the natural environment. In addition, the session will aim to explore the potential of addressing this research topic for the progress of the field.

Panelists: Sanjay Sharma, Stefano Pogutz, Mike Russo and Gail Whiteman (keynote speaker).

Time: June 13th, 2018. 15:00h.

  • What are the main drivers and barriers for O&NE scholars to reach greater levels of legitimacy in academia?
    This session will consist on a panel of leading scholars that, although having some relationship with it, their primary research field is not O&NE. Those leading scholars will provide insights on how O&NE is viewed by the rest of the academia. Panelists will constructively assess issues such as: methodological weaknesses and opportunities of O&NE research; how the O&NE field is viewed by business school managers and how to gain space in degree and master programs or; how can O&NE research provide unique and novel insights to current and emerging organizational theories

Panelists: Herman Aguinis, Salvador Carmona, Joseph Sarkis and Maurizio Zollo

Time: June 15th, 2018. 11:45h.

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

In addition to the academic program and plenary sessions, GRONEN 2018 will include a number of professional development workshops led by prominent scholars in the field to further develop O&NE scholarship.

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Paper sessions

Paper program is available here

Doctoral consortium

To improve the interest in and relevance of current PhD projects, O&NE leading scholars will provide advice and feedback to up to PhD candidates. We have accepted 10 submissions for the doctoral consortium, to be held on June 16, 2018. Check the full program here