GRONEN GROW!EarlyCareer event: Publishing Sustainability Research

Early career scholars in management and organization research are invited to join the GROW!EarlyCareer seminar on “publishing sustainability research” on May 27th 2021 15:00 CET. GRONEN #GROWEarlyCareer #SustainabilityResearch

Prof. Minna Halme (Aalto University), Dr. Ivan Montiel (City University of New York) and Dr. Elisa Alt (King’s College London) will discuss this topic in a semi-structured panel session. They will first discuss several broader questions including aspects such as the different audiences for sustainability research, how to publish for impact and what to think about in preparation for the job market. After this moderated discussion, the audience and the panel can engage in discussion and Q&A.

You can sign up here: GROW!EarlyCareer | Gronen

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