A plea for peace

A plea for peace

ARCS, Impact Scholar Community, GRONEN, RRBM, NBS, ONE, SIM, unitedly condemn every war and express undivided solidarity with all Ukrainian higher education institutions, their academic community, and all Ukrainian citizens in this dramatic situation.

As scholars investigating the connections between organisations, society, and the environment, we recognise that the power of organisations can be a force of good; as organizations, we aim to raise our collective voice to urgently call for peace, and aim at amplifying existing activities supporting this goal and providing relief to those impacted.

Accordingly, we would like to raise awareness about the initiative #scienceforukraine and ask members who could offer accommodation and office/lab at their institutions to consult https://scienceforukraine.eu/

Furthermore, we would like to urge our members to reduce heating temperatures and energy consumption and engage others to follow, engaging together in the fight against the economic means of this insane war, other than against climate change.

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