Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment


Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment
GRONEN Workshops: Tokyo 2019
PhD Workshop and Research Symposium
14-15 June 2019
Waseda University
Tokyo, Japan
Hosted by
Waseda University Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management
Waseda Innovation Laboratory
Supported by Waseda University Research Council
14 June: PhD Workshop
Research in management and environmental sustainability
See call for submissions below
15 June: Research Symposium

Behavioral insights for environmental management in organizations
Today, as environmental sustainability becomes a more and more important component
of business strategy, the question of how, rather than whether, to improve environmental
performance is more salient than ever. However, business actions to reduce the
environmental impact of business activities are typically taken voluntarily. Accordingly,
improved understanding of the decision processes of firms and the cognitive and social
processes of various stakeholders with respect to environmental issues constitutes a
vital dimension of effective business management and strategy. This one-day research
symposium focuses on studies adopting a behavioral foundation to develop insights
relevant to addressing important research questions in environmental management.

Call for submissions: Ph.D. Workshop

The doctoral student workshop will take place on 14 June. We encourage submissions
from any PhD-scholar in management studies whose research focuses on
environmental sustainability. The workshop offers a platform for students to present
work-in-progress (although a draft paper will be required for presentation in the
workshop). Workshop participants will be organized into small groups to allow maximum
time for the provision of in-depth feedback with the goal of pushing their research
forward. The format will provide each participant with a short time for presentation (20

minutes). This will be followed by 40 minutes for detailed feedback for students from
leading environmental management scholars and a group discussion and their peers.
The doctoral consortium is facilitated by GRONEN president Tobias Hahn (ESADE) and
executive committee member Timo Busch (University of Hamburg) as well as Academy
of Management ONE Division executive team members Jonatan Pinkse (Alliance
Manchester Business School) and Judith Walls (University of St. Gallen)
To guarantee an intensive learning process, attendance is limited to 10 PhD-students.
Accepted students will be provided with accommodation in Tokyo and daytime meals
during the 2-day event. Travelling costs have to be covered by the PhDs. All doctoral
students accepted for the consortium will be invited to attend the next day’s research
symposium on behavioral insights for environmental management in organizations. At this
symposium, several GRONEN researchers and environmental management researchers
from Japan will present and discuss their work.

For the PhD consortium, research topics that directly address a management issue
related to environmental sustainability will be considered. Applications should include (i)
a separate title page including applicant information (name and affiliation) and (ii) a short
(1-2 page) abstract of the research proposal. Although work-in-progress research is
encouraged, students will be required to submit a completed draft of the research paper
prior to the workshop.

Applications must be submitted via email to Joel Malen ( by 1 March

The selection process and submission deadlines will proceed according to the following
1 March 2019: Deadline for submissions
15 March 2019: Notification of acceptance
24 May 2019: Deadline for submitting completed papers
14-15 June 2019: GRONEN Workshops: Tokyo 2019 (Doctoral student workshop and
research symposium)

Joel Malen
Waseda University, School of Commerce

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