The 2024 GRONEN Conference organises several PDWs that are open to all conference participants:

1. PDW: Addressing Societal Challenges through Moral(ized) Markets 

The pressing social and environmental challenges the world is facing today have sparked interest in market-based solutions to societal challenges, such as the ‘moral markets’ for fair trade goods, ethical investment, (community-based) renewable energy, cage-free eggs, green buildings, or plant-based meat. With this interactive PDW we have two goals. First, to spark cross-pollination between research on moral markets and adjacent literatures, such as social entrepreneurship, logics, alternative organizational forms, sustainable policy and innovation, and societal transitions. Second, to reflect on how this interdisciplinary agenda can help us address practical questions critical for solving contemporary sustainability challenges. 


  • Benjamin Huybrechts, Professor of Business and Society, IESEG School of Management 
  • Panikos Georgallis, Associate Professor of Strategy, University of Amsterdam 

Guest panelists (TBC):

  • Rodolphe Durand, Professor of Strategy, HEC Paris 
  • Julianne Reinecke, Professor of Management Studies, University of Oxford 

2. PDW: The Use of Virtual Reality to Support Research on Sustainable Behavior: Designing Experiences 

The challenges of sustainable development require a radical transformation of behavior in society. To support the change of behavior, Virtual Reality (VR) is a promising tool.  

We aim to help GRONEN scholars initiate into the possibilities of virtual reality and navigate design problems during their research projects in VR.  

The PDW will be divided in three parts: i) the basics of VR technology; ii) a VR ‘experience’ designed by SKEMA to explore individual sustainable behavior in VR; iii) a discussion and identification of the most usable elements of virtual reality for research on sustainable behavior. 

Organiser: Albert Jolink (SKEMA Business School) (

PDW is restricted to max. 16 participants. Pre-registration via email is available. 

3. PDW: Engendering Sustainability, the Legacy of Ecofeminism and Beyond

The PDW will explore the importance of adopting a gendered lens in the context of sustainable transformation and climate change. It highlights various perspectives of ecofeminism, which challenge traditional views and emphasize the role of women in sustainability. Women are agents of change in implementing ecological changes in households and organizations, including sustainability management and entrepreneurship. An ecofeminism framework redefines sustainability by connecting the domination of women with the exploitation of nature. Ecofeminism offers a unique lens to promote a new model of leadership. Welcoming researchers and practitioners to join this discussion, we aim to develop new conversations and cross-fertilization of ideas concerning sustainable transition, gender, and ecofeminism.

Co-chairs: Stephanie Chasserio, Eliane Bacha, Corinne Poroli

Guest Speaker: Renaud Redien-Collot, Doyen du corps professoral, ESCE International Business School 

4. Mid-Career Academics: Purpose, Balance, and Mental Health

Explore the challenges and opportunities of mid-career academia in our interactive workshop at Gronen 2024, Paris. This session focuses on finding purpose, maintaining balance, and managing mental health in academia. Through reflections from scholars and group brainstorming, we’ll tackle topics like nurturing career meaning, balancing academic roles, fostering mental health discussions, and managing tasks effectively. Join us for a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies to enrich your mid-career journey.

Organisers: René Bohnsack and Valentina de Marchi

5.AI and Sustainable Innovation

Dive into the intersection of technology and ecology in our dynamic workshop at Gronen 2024, Paris, focusing on Generative AI’s role in driving sustainable innovation. This session offers a deep dive into practical AI tools, effective prompting techniques, and the exploration of digital sustainability. Participants will engage in discussions and activities centered on leveraging AI for environmental solutions, understanding its impact on sustainability, and reflecting on the digital and ethical footprint of AI technologies. Join us for an insightful exploration of how AI can be a catalyst for sustainable development.

Organisers: René Bohnsack